Photo credits to UCR

WATCH: Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather talks about his new autobiography

music news 20/09/2018

Toto guitarist, Steve Lukather, has recently published his autobiography, "The Gospel According to Luke".

The book could have been an opportunity for Lukather to settle old scores but a new UCR interview reveals that he had decided against it.

Lukather explained that he had no intentions of throwing people under the bus, there are a few who got a slap on their wrists but that was the extent. "I tried to be cool and I tried to avoid lawsuits, and that's a very important thing in my life. I'm sick of f***ing lawsuits, all right?"

Originally, the autobiography had 700 pages worth of material but was later refined down to 352 pages. However, Luke admitted that he would have edited it down differently but the book still accurately represents him.

You can watch the full video of his interview with UCR above.

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