Photo credits to Jay Dickman

Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" gets a retrial over copyrights

music news 02/10/2018

Led Zeppelin will be heading to court again over the copyrights dispute for their classic 1971 "Stairway to Heaven".

A new trial has been ordered by U.S. appeals court to resolve the copyright issues with the song. In 2016, the band was accused of copying the opening riff from Spirit's 1968 track, "Taurus".

USA Today reports that a three-judge panel has unanimously ruled that "the lower court judge provided erroneous jury instructions" even though the band was found not guilty.

In 2015, a trustee for the estate for Spirit's late guitar player, Randy California, filed a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin with the same charge. Jurors at the five-day trial agreed with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant testifying that it was their original song as credited and concluded that "there was no substantial similarity in the extrinsic elements" between the two songs that were released three years apart.