Lindsey Buckingham: Life after Fleetwood Mac

live 12/10/2018

Lindsey Buckingham has recently launched his first solo tour following his departure from Fleetwood Mac earlier this year.

Describing himself as someone who prefers looking forward instead of backward, Buckingham has delivered a 21-song set at the Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon last weekend, just days after Fleetwood Mac launched their tour.

Buckingham's set included five Fleetwood Mac tracks - "Never Going Back Again", “Big Love,” “Tusk,” “I’m So Afraid” and “Go Your Own Way"; and debuted his original tracks, "Surrender the Rain" and "I Must Go" and more. You can see the full setlist below the video clips of the concert.

Lindsey Buckingham's "Solo Anthology" North American Tour 2018 Setlist

  1. Don't Look Down (first since 2008)
  2. Go Insane
  3. Surrender the Rain (live debut)
  4. Not Too Late
  5. Doing What I Can (first since 1993)
  6. Trouble
  7. I Must Go (live debut)
  8. Street of Dreams (first since 1993)
  9. Shut Us Down
  10. Never Going Back Again (Fleetwood Mac song)
  11. Big Love (Fleetwood Mac song)
  12. In Our Own Time
  13. Slow Dancing (live debut)
  14. Soul Drifter
  15. Holiday Road (first since 2007)
  16. Tusk (Fleetwood Mac song)
  17. I'm So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac song)
  18. Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac song)


  1. Turn It On
  2. Down on Rodeo
  3. Treason

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