LISTEN: A mash up of Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet no one asked for

video 16/10/2018

A YouTube DJ has made a mashup of Led Zeppelin's "The Wanton Song" and Greta Van Fleet's "When the Curtain Falls".

Watch the video below that features music and clips of both bands, with a title, "When The Wanton Falls". In the video description, DJ Cummerbund noted that he was tired of everyone saying Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin and decided to make a supergroup "Ledda Van Fleppelin" to prove that the two bands don't share similarities in the most sarcastic way anyone could think of.

Some of the comments on the video were, 

"You left me wanton more"
"Does this mean Zeppelin are back together??"
"This should be an entire genre of music"
"Well uh, thanks for all the dancing, Robert"