New video celebrates Yes' 50th anniversary with tributes from famous artists

music news 26/10/2018

A new video celebrating 50 years since the band Yes began has been released by Sean McKee, a friend and collaborator of Jon Anderson. 

The film is 20 minutes long and features tributes to the band from famous artists including Tony Levin, Jean Luc Ponty, Roine Stolt, Steve Vai, Phil Collen, Jeff Berlin and John Petrucci. 

“I wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Yes and thought it would be interesting to ask some notable musicians what their thoughts were," McKee said of the film.

“So, between myself and Billy James from Glass Onion PR, we asked a bunch of musicians one question: 'What did you think or feel the first time you heard or saw Yes.'"

“I want to send a big and a heartfelt congratulations to the the band, to all its members past and present for 50 years of inspiration to musicians like myself who have learned partly from Yes that it’s worthwhile to do things not by the book," commented Levin from King Crimson.

You can watch the full video above.