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Phil Collen on why Def Leppard doesn't invite other musicians on stage to jam

music news 24/10/2018

Phil Collen recently had a chat with Dave Lawrence of Hawaii Public Radio's "All Things Considered". 

During the interview, Collen was asked upon why Def Leppard doesn't invite other musicians on stage to jam. Collen responds, "... usually the songs are pretty complex. We've done a Creedence song once and brought out Brian May out from Queen and Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora another time, that was pretty simple."

Stuff like "Photograph" and those songs are very specific and the harmonies and that, we don't want someone messing them up. We traditionally don't do that."

However, Collen also said that he did just wrap up the G3 tour with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci. "We would have a jam session every night, about half an hour and three songs and we'd invite guitar players. That was amazing, really fun," he adds. He explains that Def Leppard has "a very different structure" that uses backing vocals as a form of instrument and that prevents them from letting others join in as it would "change the dynamic".

Collen also talked about how his side-projects, Man Raze and Delta Deep had given him the satisfaction Def Leppard could not. Collen explains that they were the complete opposite as his side projects didn't have that structure, allowing them to drift away and jam. "Not necessarily an old blues jam, but literally go off on a tangent like THE POLICE used to do, just that whole three-piece and four-piece in Delta Deep's case. It's really fun and you can't do that with Def Leppard because it would be like a house of cards, all come tumbling down. [Laughs]"

You can listen to the whole interview below.

Def Leppard will be performing a one-off show in Auckland this November 2018 with Scorpions as their special guest.