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HOW: Stevie Nicks persuades Mike Campbell to play Heartbreakers classic in Fleetwood Mac

music news 02/10/2018

Mike Campbell has revealed that Stevie Nicks was the one who persuaded him to play a classic Heartbreakers track that he produced, "Free Fallin" as a new member of Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac announced that Campbell and our very own Neil Finn from Crowded House were to join their lineup early in April this year with Finn taking over most of Lindsey Buckingham's vocal duties. The band began to develop a version of Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over" and Stevie Nicks suggested to add "Free Fallin" to the setlist.

Listen to Stevie Nicks' version of Free Fallin' below.

Campbell told Rolling Stone that Nicks wanted to perform that song. He noted that he loved the song but had overplayed it over the years with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. He said, "Do we have to?" and Nicks responded to say that the audience would love it. "It'll be a moment," she added.

In the interview, the guitarist also recalled how Mick Fleetwood invited him to join the band. It was around Campbell's 68th birthday when he got an unexpected phone call from Mick prior to the announcement of Buckingham's split from Fleetwood Mac. 

“I’d met Mick once or twice, but never really got to know him,” Campbell said. “But he goes to me, ‘I’ve been listening to your music a lot. Would you be interested in joining the band?'"

Campbell added that having the rehearsals he had as Fleetwood Mac were a kind of relief from the grieving process for Petty's death. Still adjusting to the idea of living out of a suitcase during the Fleetwood Mac tour that kicks off on 3rd October, he still keeps Petty in his thoughts.

It still seems unreal to me. I’m past the point where I’m living with grief every minute, but sometimes I’ll be driving and one of our songs come on and it’ll hit me.