'Journey' cassette tape mistaken for suspicious package

music news 05/11/2018

Cassette tapes have become so unusual that they require investigation according to an incident in Charlotte, North Carolina this week.

The cops were called to a building to investigate a potential explosive, but the package's only contents was a cassette by the band, Journey. They did not specify which Journey album or whether if it was a homemade mix.

The package was received in a mail room in a manila envelope from out of state and addressed by hand, leading to the suspicion. The employees called the police who brought in a bomb squad and a K-9 unit, evacuating the building and shutting down nearby roads. 

Although this seems extreme to us in New Zealand, the US is on high alert for suspicious packages after pipe bombs were sent to a number of Democrats including former President Barack Obama - thankfully all 14 packages were intercepted before any damage was caused.