ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons: What surprised me about Jimi Hendrix

music news 28/11/2018

Billy Gibbons was only 17 years old when he was a guitarist for a psychedelic blues band, The Moving Sidewalks.

He had the opportunity to open four shows for Jimi Hendrix who was on his first headlining US tour as Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1968.

In a new interview with Music Radar, Gibbons said, "When I was 17 years old and on tour with Jimi Hendrix, every night we would get into a motel and he would stay at the end of the hall with his door always open." He continues, "He'd be in there listening to the first Jeff Beck album with Rod Stewart [1968's 'Truth'] and he asked me, 'How does Jeff do all of this?'."

Jimi Hendrix and Gibbons (second right).

In shock, Gibbons recalls telling Hendrix,

Believe me, Jeff is sat in a room right now, listening intently to your music asking himself how you do what you do!

The musician says that it was "an eye-opener" to see Hendrix just as blown away by other guitarists just as much they were with him.

In last year's interview with Rolling Stones, Gibbons also called Hendrix a "technical wizard", saying, "He was inventing things to do with the Stratocaster guitar I am confident the designers had no clue would unfold in later years.""Jimi had the talent to make that work for him. His technique was very peculiar in that he was playing a right-handed guitar in a left-handed style, upside down."

Credits: UG