Chris Slade almost quit music career after leaving AC/DC

music news 26/12/2018

AC/DC drummer Chris Slade said he almost quit the music business after he left the band for the first time back in 1994.

Originally joining AC/DC in 1989 when the previous drummer Simon Wright departed, Slade played with the band until 1994 when they asked former drummer Phil Rudd to return. 

I didn’t touch a drumstick for three years.

“I got a call from Malcolm saying, ‘We’re going to try Phil out,’” Slade told EonMusic in a new interview. “‘Apparently he’s straightened himself up, and we’re going to try him out.’ And I went, ‘Well, I’m gone then, Malcolm … ’ And he said, ‘No, no, we want you to stay on; we don’t even know if he can play drums anymore, because it’s been a while.’ And I said, ‘And you’re going to try him out?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, well, we’ve talked to him.’ And I said, ‘Well, I’m gone, and if he can’t play drums, that’s your problem now, Malcolm.’”

When asked if he was happy with the situation, Slade replied: “No, I wasn’t. After that, I didn’t touch a drumstick for three years. It just knocked me back. I thought, ‘You do your best – as I always do, as I always have – and it’s not appreciated,’ and I thought, ‘I’ve had enough of this business.’”

Slade was asked to return to the band in 2015 after Rudd experienced legal problems: “It was fantastic, and the [Rock or Bust] tour was great. It always has been a great honour to be in that band" Slade said.

AC/DC are reportedly working on a new album featuring Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd and Stevie Young. Slade commented that it may or may not be true though: “There’s all sorts of rumours … there’s so many variables there. And I’ve learned with AC/DC also not to believe the rumours because even fans fake things. Things just get faked.”