Dream Theatre reacts to NY Times 'ripping off' their new album artwork

music news 30/11/2018

In the last few days, fans had been accusing The New York Times Magazine of ripping off Dream Theatre's album cover art of their newest album "Distance Over Time".

The band also briefly chimed in on the trending news on Twitter, saying, "Imitation is the highest form of flattery, NY Times."

However, fans had also commented that they were not pleased with the average artwork. One of the most popular comment reads, "Please sack Hugh Syme. He is lazy sloppy clearly can't be bothered and is a con artist. The new album cover is literally two stock pictures put together. I hope you didn't pay him.

"There must be hundreds of artists who would work hard for the opportunity for their work to be seen. Hugh googled 'Skull and robot hand' and put them together in MS Paint and got paid. Absolute rubbish.

"One of the 'pieces' in the booklet for DT12 still has a fucking watermark on it from where he stole it off the internet and couldn't even be bothered removing it. The original front cover of DT12 had a line through the middle of it he tried to hide but people spotted it. Con man."

"You don't have to keep going back to him just because he did art for Rush."

Another fan wrote that he found the exact stock photo of the android hand.