Eric Clapton fears for young musicians following Avicii's death

music news 26/11/2018

Eric Clapton said that he fears for young musicians after hearing news of the death of DJ and music producer Avicii, who took his own life at the age of 28.

Avicii's family had explained in a statement that he had suffered "extreme stress" and was "not made for the machinery he ended up in."

Inspired by Avicii, he decided to tribute a rendition of "Jingle Bells" in a house music style with a subtitle "In memory of Avicii".

Terrible that he would die so young. That makes me worry about the current generation of musicians.

In a new promotional interview clip, Clapton gives a bit of background to his latest Christmas album, "Happy Xmas".

“I wanted a house track. I was inspired by Avicii,” Clapton explained in a new promotional interview. “Terrible that he would die so young… That makes me worry about the current generation of musicians. They’re gonna get swept away with different substances or lifestyles, with no real guidance.”

In the beginning of the video, Clapton explains, "I do a Christmas playlist every year. Different genres, either jazz, or swing or modern rock but the last one was country, I think. Which led her, my wife, Melia to say, 'you should do a Christmas album'."

He also explained that he hadn’t set out to record a holiday LP. “Before this became a Christmas album there was still an intention of doing a straight, normal studio album, with no deadline,” he said. “We were working on something that had no real shape; we’d just collate material until we had enough to put out an album. And then it started to morph into the Christmas theme.”

In the video, he also said that he took inspiration from Bob Dylan's sleeve painting for The Band's 1968 album, "Music From Big Pink". “This is such great art,” Clapton said. “We know now that Dylan is a fantastic artist, a great painter and sculptor. And I was inspired by that to do this, and I did it on a piece of hotel stationery.”