Pat Benatar talks bonding with Neil Giraldo on their first song

music news 31/12/2018

Pat Benatar was given the song 'Heartbreaker' back in 1979 as part of her debut album 'In the Heat of the Night'. The piece was written by Geoff Gill and Cliff Wade, and was originally from a male perspective.

Benatar successfully reworked the lyrics, but she struggled to find the sound she knew she wanted for the music. The solution came in the form of guitarist Neil Giraldo, who later became her husband and partner of 40 years. 

“The first song that we basically had all ready was ‘Heartbreaker'. When I got it, it had kinda all these English colloquialisms, and I changed a bunch of lyrics so it would fit. But the gender of the thing – bending the gender and having a female sing it instead … it was exactly what I wanted.”

“I heard it in my head but I couldn’t get anybody to play what I was hearing. And the minute he [Giraldo] walked in, he knew exactly what I was talking about. He played it exactly the way that I wanted it, and the whole thing was born from that.”

'Heartbreaker' went on to be Benatar's first successful single, hitting number 12, and helped to launch her 12 studio and nine live album career.