New Rolling Stones book reveals Ronnie Wood's artistic hand-drawn setlists

music news 13/11/2018

A new book on Rolling Stones had revealed many artistic set lists drawn by Ronnie Wood for their tours.

The former sign writer had spent many years creating canvas artworks based on their tour setlists that were decided ahead of every show, with over 100 reproduced in "The Rolling Stones Set Lists" which featured artistic setlists from 2005's "Bigger Bang" to this year's "No Filter".

Watch Wood's presentation in the video below.

“During rehearsals, I draw up set lists on big canvases, putting down the songs and the keys they're in,” Wood explained. “We hang these set lists on the rehearsal room walls so we know where we've been and where we're going. … Sometimes Keith [Richards] and Mick [Jagger] add little doodles, and they become works of art in their own right.”

See some of his artwork below.