WATCH: Morgan James covers the entire Beatles' "White Album" in one sitting

cover 23/11/2018

Singer, songwriter and actress, Morgan James has recently released a full album-length cover of The Beatles' famous "White Album" to commemorate the album's 50th anniversary release.

Via YouTube, James released an accompanying live-illustrated accompaniment video of her covering all the songs featuring illustrator Noel Carey.

James tells Paste, "I had a vision of a completely illustrated video to accompany my full album cover of the White Album".

"I joined forces with the brilliant Noel Carey, who created an entirely improvised lyric video and artistic journey through the Beatles melodies and lyrics. Each song is a drawing, and all the drawings connect to one giant drawing telling the story. It was a challenge to cover the whole album, and I wanted an equally ambitious video to go with it!”

Watch her beautiful rendition of the full album in the video above.