Photo credits to Kristian Dowling

A Prince movie is in the works, thanks to Queen's biopic

music news 05/12/2018

Thanks to the success of Queen's biopic, 'Bohemian Rhapsody', Universal Pictures has acquired rights to a number of Prince tracks for a movie.

However, here's where things get slightly confusing as this film won't be a biopic film like Freddie Mercury's. The new production will feature a fictional story inspired by Prince's classic tracks after reports of producers deciding that Prince's 1984 'Purple Rain' film had "largely covered" the biographical approach.

Donna Langley, Universal's chairman, said that she wanted an original film "outside of the box". 

"Meetings have begun with potential writers and producers and execs are hoping the film can be something like Universal’s [Abba-themed] Mamma Mia, with a completely original story where Prince’s music helps drive that narrative," the report noted. "Though the film isn’t a biopic, studios around town have been on the look for the next great musical after the success of Fox’s 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.”

Queen's movie has grossed over $780 million NZD in box office receipts with a production budget of $79m NZD.