LISTEN: Toto releases unreleased "Devil's Tower" originally planned for 1982 'Toto IV' album

new music 03/12/2018

Toto has shared a previously unreleased track, 'Devil's Tower', written back in 1981 alongside the legendary track, 'Africa'. The song was originally on the tracklist on their 1982 album, 'Toto IV'.

'Devil's Tower' will now appear in the limited-edition box set, 'All In', only available via Toto's website. Among the discs is an album titled 'Old Is New' which carries 6 more remastered versions of unreleased songs.

“We originally recorded ['Devil's Tower'] with Mike and Jeff Porcaro back in 1981 during the sessions for 'Toto IV',” guitarist Steve Lukather explained. “We never recorded a lead vocal or had lyrics for this one, so Joseph finished it up for us.”

Listen to Toto's 'Devil's Tower' below.

Earlier in August, Lukather spoke to Nik Brown from The Morning Sound on Toto's gig this coming summer as part of A Summer's Day Live.

Listen to their conversation below, talking about Lukather's time in Ringo Starr's band, that one time he wanted to quit the band and much more.