WATCH: Axl Rose releases first new song in a decade with 'New Looney Tunes'

music news 10/01/2019

Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has teamed up with the Looney Tunes to release his first new song in 10 years, "Rock the Rock".

Rose is set to star as himself in an upcoming episode of Boomerang animated series, "New Looney Tunes" alongside Bugs Bunny and gang. Watch the new music video above where Axl sings a new track "Rock the Rock", supposedly to prevent a world-ending asteroid collision with Earth.

Although the track was performed for a cartoon, it marks the first newly recorded track by Axl since GN'R's last album release, "Chinese Democracy" (2008).

Well received from rock fans, one comment that stands out in particular is, "I like how this program tries to introduce rock [music] to kids in a period where everything is rap, trap, or reggaeton. I love it."

A few observant commenters said that you could see Axl's signature snake dance at the 1:41 mark. Another made a Bugs Bunny joke with "Ehh... What's up, rock?"