WATCH: Brian May plays himself in a 'leaked' "Bohemian Rhapsody" outtake

video 16/01/2019

A video of Brian May performing as himself in allegedly leaked video was released by the previously fired director, Bryan Singer.

Shot on a phone, the video shows May next to Gwilym Lee, who portrays as May in the award-winning Queen film, "Bohemian Rhapsody", performing the guitar solo for the classic song of the same name.

Lee could be seen studying May's behaviour and movements attentively. At the end of the clip, Lee asks, "Now what?" and is told, "The operatic section."

“The operatic section, of course,” Lee replies, then May adds, “Of course.”

Director Singer was fired just a few weeks before the film shoots were complete, apparently due to a few disagreements with other team members. He was later replaced with Dexter Fletcher who directs Elton John's upcoming biopic, Rocketman. However, as a production rule, Singer retains his director's credit.

How did I do, folks? Well, obviously not quite as good as Gwil! He’s a trained artist!

Singer uploaded the video via his Instagram account, tagging it as "inspiration set visit", which was reposted by May on his own account with a caption, "This clip is stolen from @bryanjaysinger, who was evidently filming it on his iPhone. When the BR team were shooting this scene, I happened to be around, so Gwil invited me to have a go! How did I do, folks? Well, obviously not quite as good as Gwil! He’s a trained artist! We had too much fun! I’d like to see the rest of what happened, captured by the film cameras which were still rolling. ... Some day.”

He also added that if fans wondered why it didn't sound the same as the one in the film, he explains that he had only thought of that idea later on when they were polishing the soundtrack.

"In any case, we wouldn’t have had the facilities to do that on the day of the shoot. In the film, you hear a variant take on the Bo Rhap solo which just MIGHT have been the one previous to the final one which made it onto the record! Might! That’s if it hadn’t been a genius first-take keeper. Ha ha! I honestly don’t remember!”