How 'Yes' persuaded Jon Anderson to rejoin for 1983 album '90125'

music news 26/01/2019

Jon Anderson recently recalled how he was persuaded by Chris Squire to rejoin the band Yes in time for their hit album '90125' in 1983.

The album had been developed under the band name Cinema, featuring Squire, Alan White, Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye, who formed after the Yes split in 1981. Anderson had no intention to work with his former colleagues at the time, he said in an interview:

“They’d being doing what became 90125; They’d actually being recording for a year, and I was in the south of France, working on two projects. I came home for a weekend and Chris rang me up and said, ‘Jon, would you like to hear our new album?’ I said, ‘Yeah, Christopher.’”

The bassist drove to Anderson's home in his Rolls-Royce “as one would do, rock ’n’ roll!”, recalled Anderson. “I sat there and he played me the tracks. And I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe them. They sounded really, really, good. He said, ‘Would you sing on it?’ I said, ‘Well … yes! And if I do, of course, it’ll be like the Yes band, right?’ He said, ‘Yeah, that’s what we wanna do. We want it to be Yes.’ So the rest is history.”

'90125' ended up being Yes's 11th album, and was an unprecedented success, reaching number 5 on the charts and spawning the hit single 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'.