Joan Jett: "This is why The Runaways broke up"

music news 08/01/2019

Joan Jett recently appeared on Metallica's Lars Ulrich's "It's Electric!" online radio show, speaking about the breakup of the first true all-women rock band of the 70s, The Runaways.

Jett said, "I think really, after Cherie left, after Japan, we made another [album], what I thought was a really good album, called 'Waitin' For The Night'," Joan recalled. "I just think it was a natural progression. I think as we each grew up and were figuring out more who we were as musicians, and really the kind of music we wanted to play, it started to diverge a little bit."

"I was definitely more a straight-up punk rock, rock and roll thing. But you know, I'm fine with hard music. It's just that I think Lita and Sandy wanted to go in that direction much more than I did." She continued, "And the producer we were working with at the time, his name was John Alcock. I forget what his credits are, but he had worked with some hard bands, some heavy bands, I believe. And I think he was sort of perpetuating it, egging it on a little bit. But I don't know that."

"I just thought, 'I've got a bad feeling. I don't wanna get fired from a band that I started.' We made one more album, called 'And Now... The Runaways'. But we just decided to sort of part ways. I'm sure none of us wanted to... We all got along fine, so there wasn't anything like that. It was not a personality thing. We just grew in different directions." 

We just grew in different directions.

She said, "I just thought, 'I don't wanna get fired from a band I started. Let's just part ways.' We had one last show, New Year's Eve '78 into '79. It was in California. Either San Francisco or L.A. I think we had decided that was going to be it. But I'm not positive about that. If we didn't, energetically we all knew that was it."