Journey's Neal Schon sends an open invitation to Steve Perry

music news 18/01/2019

Fans have always been hoping for a reunion between Neal Schon and Steve Perry.

Since former Journey frontman Perry had returned to music with his comeback album, "Traces", many had been questioning the possibility of a reunion.

However, in October last year, Perry had shut down any form of Journey reunion, saying, "I left the band 31 f---king years ago".

This would be a rock and roll moment in time.

YouTuber, The Real Music Observer uploaded a video to talk about Neal Schon, Steve Perry and the latest Journey tour, "Journey Through Time" that will take place at the end of February.

In Schon's "Journey Through Time", he had offered open invitations to past Journey members who would like to participate in the tour. 

In the video, he spoke about how Schon had yet to extend an invitation to Perry. 

He says, "Wouldn't it be amazing? Just maybe one song out in California where these first few dates were being scheduled. "Journey Through Time" with special guest vocalist Steve Perry, for maybe one or two songs."

"I think that would be amazing. It puts no pressure on Steve to continue. This would be a rock and roll moment in time. Perry connects with all of these fans who are going to be there hungry for classic old-time Journey music. The kind that was created right when he joined the band and even before that."

"But to have Steve Perry and Gregg Rolie onstage again, I can hear 'Feeling That Way' anytime, I can picture it!" he says. "Send a tweet over to Neal. Maybe Neal would do his thing and say 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool for Steve to show up for one gig?'"

Watch his full video below.

In response to the video, Schon had tweeted, "here’s an Open invitation to Steve Perry to come out on either the 22nd or 23rd would love to see you Steve 🎶"

"Journey Through Time" will feature Schon and special guests Gregg Rolie, Deen Castronovo, Marti Frederiksen, Marco Mendoza and Chris Collins.

Perry has yet to announce any tours to support "Traces".