These 10 Bands NEED to visit New Zealand this year

music news 09/01/2019

Considering the fact that New Zealand is miles away from the rest of the world (Aussie doesn't count), many musicians tend to skip the entire country when planning for their world tours. 

The burning questions are: is there no demand (Did nobody tell tour managers that Eagles sold out in minutes?) or do they just assume an Aussie gig is enough to get Kiwis to fly over for their gig? Or... Is New Zealand an afterthought for most musicians?

Here are 10 bands (in no particular order) we think should give NZ some love next year and do a show or two here. That's not too much to ask as music fans, right?

Let us know which band/musician you'd love to see this year at the bottom of this page.

ZZ Top

Frontman Billy Gibbons wrapped up his solo tour end of last year and ZZ Top will be back on tour until 12th July. If they could just pop down under and do an Australasia tour of some sort... That would be great.


We're not sure how they managed to score a closing show for MTV's VMAs in this day and age... We'd love to see what that's all about here in kiwi soil.

Bud Light had just recently confirmed Aerosmith for Super Bowl Music Fest line-up alongside rapper Post Malone (who performed with Aerosmith at the VMAs). 

Aerosmith also had announced "Deuces Are Wild" 2019 Las Vegas residency that will potentially wrap up in early July this year. Hopefully, they'll announce a world tour or better yet - an Australasian tour.


U2 has one of the highest-grossing tours, selling over 840,000 tickets across 55 shows. There's always something about U2 that keeps people going to their concerts. We do hope Bono doesn't lose his voice again if the band does come down under to do a couple of shows. 

Deep Purple

Ian Gillan had previously commented that the band had named their last tour as "The Long Goodbye" so that they still had time to decide on retirement later on. Although they had recently wrapped up their tour in Mexico, there were no definite comment on not touring ever again. It's a long shot, but we'd be very keen on a Deep Purple concert this year.

Yes, bassist Glenn Hughes had paid us a visit in 2017 as part of Classic Deep Purple Live! and Deep Purple did a gig here with Journey in 2013. That is now in the past, we'd love to watch them perform one last time before they retire for good.

Jeff Lynne's E.L.O

In late October 2018, Jeff Lynne announced a 2019 North American tour for E.L.O. Due to wrap up in August, there's about 4 months left in 2019 for them to drop by New Zealand and do a show or two.

The Orchestra, featuring former E.L.O. members, had previously performed for Summer Concert Tour 2018. Now all we need is Jeff Lynne's E.L.O. to pay us a lovely visit!

Neil Young

In 2017, a Neil Young tour was announced by Frontier Touring but those plans were reportedly scrapped later. It has been about 6 years since he had graced us with his presence and that leaves us all thirsting for a Neil Young gig.

Recently, he announced a handful of solo gigs this month, we're hoping he'd broaden his concert venues and do a couple of shows in Oceania.

We won't be greedy, a minimum of 3 shows in NZ will be good enough. 

Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets

Nick Mason is currently doing very well with his new project, performing pre-Meddle era music in smaller and more intimate venues. Many Pink Floyd fans would appreciate it, especially those devoted to Syd-Barrett's era album, 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn'. We have HEAPS of those type of venues, we just know it'll be a full house every night.


In August 2018, there were rumours that AC/DC were planning on recording a new album when band members were spotted in downtown Vancouver, outside the same studio they had used before for recording. If AC/DC releases a new album this year, it's only a matter of time before they explode into a full-fledged tour (we hope).

We'd love to see their comeback in kiwi soil after the last concert in 2016 at the famed Madison Square Garden in New York.

The Rolling Stones

The band has just announced a American 'No Filter' tour in 2019. Guitarist Keith Richards said that it could be their last tour as Rolling Stones. Considering it's the last tour... We definitely need them to to perform a one last show in New Zealand.

Eric Clapton

His last visit in 2007 was somewhat disappointing... Apparently, the event organisers were being insensitive as they gifted him a special bottle of wine called Clapton concert. Yes, we know Napier has some fantastic wineries, but poor Clapton had just reformed from alcohol addiction.

Clapton received many boos from the crowd, claiming he was not wonderful at all and "didn't even perform 'Tears in Heaven'".

We hope he didn't leave on a sour note with the whole country because there are fans who really want to see him perform.

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac has just kicked off their tour in October last year and is due to wrap up in Canada in mid-April. With Neil Finn onboard as a new member, he's bound to have pushed Fleetwood Mac into New Zealand's direction. You just wait, a Fleetwood Mac concert announcement is bound to happen sooner or later.

No promises from us but you should really send Neil a message as a gentle reminder.

Fleetwood Mac will be touring to New Zealand this September. See, we told ya! See the full details here.

This is purely speculations, we are in the dark just like you.

Listen to Nik Brown interview Joe Walsh of Eagles below.