Photo credits to Peter Carrette

WATCH: Steve Prestwich sing vocals for "All I Wanna Do"

live 16/01/2019

On this day in 2011, Cold Chisel drummer, Steve Prestwich had passed away from a surgery intended to remove a brain tumour, just two months prior to his 57th birthday.

Watch him perform "All I Wanna Do" live on guitars and vocals, one of the very first Cold Chisel songs that feature Prestwich and percussionist Don Walker on lead vocals.

Born in Liverpool, the talented drummer founded a heavy metal group called Orange with Jimmy Barnes, Ian Moss, Don Walker and Leszek Kaczmarek as their lineup. The band eventually evolved to Cold Chisel in 1974 and Kaczmarek was replaced a year later with Phil Small. 

Prestwich wrote "When the War is Over" and "Forever Now" which appears on the 1982 album, "Circus Animals. He also co-wrote the song "Flame Trees" with Walker for their 1984 album, "Twentieth Century". His last appearance with the band was in 1983 for their "Last Stand Tour".

Prestwich then moved on to another band called Little River Band to release two albums and go on a short American tour. He then rejoined Cold Chisel in their later reformations.

In the later years of 2000, Prestwich went on to release his first solo album, "Since You've Been Gone" and his second in 2009, titled "Every Highway".

In 2011, the drummer had sadly passed away in Sydney after failing to regain consciousness following a surgery to remove a brain tumour that was diagnosed just two weeks prior.

Barnes had later planted a flame tree to commemorate Prestwich at the National Arboretum Canberra.