Photo credits to Neilson Barnard

Motley Crue accuses KISS of stealing their "grand finale"

News 19/02/2019

Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx has accused Kiss of copying their band's stage production, claiming that Kiss' finale from their current 'End of the Road' tour is "an exact reenactment" of Motley Crue's 2014-15 farewell tour.

The bassist took his opinion to social media, posting photos of Motley Crue's stage set featuring vocalist Vince Neil and Sixx being carried over the crowd by two huge cranes. Sixx captioned the photo, "f ya wanna see an exact reenactment of this just go to the #LosAngeles Forum tonight".

In the evening, Sixx added comparison photos on Twitter showing both he and Gene Simmons were performing on the crane. Along with the photos, Sixx says, "Wow. Our body wasn’t even cold before they took this exact grande finale from our tour," he wrote. "Might not matter to Kiss fans but it does to Crue fans. I dug their music when I was a little kid and it was cool to Co-Headline together a few years but this disappoints me."

Previously, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee shared a video of Simmons and their band's guitarist, Tommy Thayer performing the same crane finale. Lee captions it, "Dayum @KISSOnline this sure looks identical to @MotleyCrue  ‘s final tour 🤦🏻‍♂️".