LISTEN: Alan Parsons releases new track 'Miracle'

New 27/02/2019

Alan Parsons has released a new track, 'Miracle', featuring Jason Mraz.

Taken from his upcoming record, 'The Secret', it will hit the stores this 26th April. Parsons explained his collaboration with singer and guitarist Jason Mraz, "I met Jason two years ago through a neighbour who grows coffee on his ranch. Jason wanted to grow coffee himself and our neighbour, Jay, was kind enough to introduce us since we had mutual musical interests. "

According to Parsons, Mraz recorded his vocals in Dallas for 'Miracle' while he listened in Santa Barbara. The duo worked on the song separately, sending files back and forth to one another. "[Proves] that you don't necessarily have to be in the same studio with someone to create music," he says.

Listen to the track below:

Mraz reminisced that 'Eye in The Sky' was one of his earliest memories, "...strapped in the backseat of my mom's green Fiat, 1982. Alan Parsons is on the radio and I’m singing along, harmonising," Mraz says.

He adds, “[Miracle] sounded like a song right off of Eye In The Sky. As if no time had passed, proving time might just be a construct after all.”