Alice Cooper thinks his life story would make an "amazing" movie

film 26/02/2019

With Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody', Elton John's 'Rocketman' and a few others on the way, rock music biopics appear to be the flavour of the moment, and Alice Cooper wants to join the ranks. 

...there’s so many aspects to it – me beating alcoholism, beating drug addiction 37 years ago...

The veteran rock legend recently said that not only is his story perfect to be turned into a movie, he already knows who he'd like to portray him.

"I think it’s natural. I mean, there’s so many good tales in the Alice Cooper story. We were the band nobody liked. We were the band that never had a chance to make it. Not only did we make it but I’m still doing it 50 years later, and I think the show’s better now that it was then. But the fact we were the biggest underdog of all time to actually make it commercially in this business and keep it going – that story right there is amazing," Cooper said to NME.

But besides the classic rags-to-riches and no-one-believed-in-us narratives that are in nearly every biopic, he also saw a tale of redemption in his story.

“The fact that my wife [Sheryl Goddard] and I have been married for 43 years. That doesn’t happen in rock ‘n’ roll. So I mean there’s so many aspects to it – me beating alcoholism, beating drug addiction 37 years ago, my association with the Hollywood Vampires – you know, Harry Nilsson and all the guys. It could be a great stage play."

As for who he thinks should play him, he didn't need to look very far - just to his good friend and Vampires bandmate: "Well, you know, I told Johnny Depp that he would be great at it if he were just a little better looking," he laughed.

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry.

The Hollywood Vampires have started work on the second record, but unlike their 2015 debut, which consisted mostly of covers of songs originally made famous by Cooper's late drinking buddies, the new album will feature all-original material. Depp, Joe Perry and bassist Tommy Henriksen are working on the songs, with Cooper tweaking some of Depp's lyrics, which he said are rooted in the actor's celebrity status.

"There’s a lot of venom in his lyrics because of all the crap that went on. Almost everything I read about Johnny Depp was absolutely untrue. You know, I’m touring with him and it says here in the paper, ‘Well, you [Depp] weigh 90 pounds and you’re a drug addict and you’re drinking and that you’re out of money’ and all this stuff. I’m on tour with him and I’ve never seen him look better in his lifetime, I’ve never heard him play better, he’s laughing all the time. Just the opposite of what you’re reading is what was going on. But on this album, he wrote a lot of the lyrics – and I got to sing them – so I’m the one delivering the venom."