Former Cure drummer, Andy Anderson dies aged 68

News 28/02/2019

Andy Anderson who was the Cure's drummer from 1983 for a year has passed away at age 68.

Sometime last week, Anderson revealed that he was already on Stage 4 terminal cancer that had spread through his body. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy were considered and Anderson explained, "No boo-hooing here. Just be positive."

"For me, it’s just another life experience and hurdle that one has to make yet another choice in life. Be cool, I most definitely am and positive about the situation," he added.

It's with a heavy heart, I have to report the passing of a Cure brother.

Lol Tolhurst, who moved from drums to percussions in the band opened a spot for Anderson, has said that Anderson was a "true gentleman and a great musician with a wicked sense of humor which he kept until the end, a testament to his beautiful spirit on the last journey. We are blessed to have known him."

Anderson joined in cure in 1983 and has recorded albums like 'Japanese Whispers', 'The Top', as well as the two singles, 'Love Cats' and 'The Caterpillar'.

In 1987, he joined Iggy Pop's touring band and had previously worked with musicians like Peter Gabriel, ex-Sex Pistols Glen Matlock and more.