Lawyer has secret weapon in ongoing suit against Led Zeppelin

music news 18/02/2019

An ongoing case against Led Zeppelin was settled back in 2016, concluding that the band did not steal the riff of their hit 'Stairway to Heaven' from Spirit's 'Taurus' as accused. 

In September last year though, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that the judge abused his discretion by refusing to allow Francis Malofiy, the claimant attorney, to play a studio recording of 'Taurus' for the original jury (Malofiy presented an acoustic version, based on the sheet music).

The case will now return to court sometime within the next year, and the attorney now plans to bring a secret weapon along: a lemon which he claims once belonged to Robert Plant. Malofiy also had it in his briefcase when he gave his arguments during the successful 2016 appeal of the 'Stairway to Heaven' verdict according to sources. 

"That's the lemon Robert Plant squeezed into his tea when we deposed him in London back in 2016," he says. He's apparently kept it on ice ever since. 

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are expected to both take the stand again in the retrial. 

Malofiy's reputation for winning big cases had since gained him interest from others who are hoping to take on famous musicians - he reportedly won a $44 million judgement against R&B star Usher, among many others.

Three UK songwriters are apparently wanting to take on R&B artist The Weeknd to court over similar copyright allegations involving his song 'A Lonely Night' from his multi-platinum 2016 album 'Starboy'. Another potential case involves a suit against pop-punk band, Fall Out Boy. 

"Robert Plant is always going on about his lemon, and at the deposition, he made a big deal out of slicing it up and squeezing it into his tea and then sucking on the rind. Jimmy Page famously dabbled in black magic and was always going on about Aleister Crowley, and I said to myself, 'If they are going to use black magic to try to beat me on technicalities — well, two can play at that game'" said Malofiy on the topic of the lemon.