Photo credits to Rick Diamond

Paul Rodgers teases new Bad Company album

New 18/02/2019

Bad Company vocalist, Paul Rodgers has given hints that a new Bad Company album is in the works.

The band released their last studio album, "Stories Told & Untold" in 1996. In a new interview with Rock Band Reviews, Rodgers expressed, "I'd like to create some new music. That's my focus right now."

We're in the studio, just kicking things around and seeing what we've got.

Rodgers had been in and out of the band for decades and his last appearance was in "Rough Diamonds" in '82. He was then replaced by Brian Howe and Robert Hart later on but rejoined Bad Company in 2005 to be a consistent touring band.

Rodgers explained that the band will be pulling back some of their shows to spend more time in the studio to record. The band will be moving forward without their co-founder Mick Ralphs who suffered a stroke three years ago. "[Mick Ralphs is] now hospitalized," Rodgers confirmed. "We're trying to take care of him from a distance. It's a lot. His family are involved a lot in taking care of him. He's doing as well as can be expected."