WATCH: Robert Plant performs with his new band, Saving Grace

live 20/02/2019

Several performance videos of Robert Plant performing with his new band, Saving Grace, have surfaced online.

Earlier this month, The ex-Led Zeppelin vocalist had revealed his newest project at a small gig to showcase music that was described as "music inspired by the dreamscape of the Welsh Marches” with dynamics “from a whisper to a scream."

Last year, Plant said that he had decided to move away from Led Zeppelin's musical style. He started to venture into folk-infused tracks that he has been releasing over the last few years.

Saving Grace features Robert Plant and Suzy Dian on vocals, mandolinist and guitarist Tony Kelsey, guitarist and banjo player Matt Worley and Oli Jefferson on percussions.

Check out the videos below from their 14th Feb gig in Basingstoke, England and 16th Feb gig in Bath, England.