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How Stevie Nicks 'accidentally' stole Tom Petty's song

News 01/03/2019

It's publicly known that Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty were very close friends and collaborates with each other in their music careers.

I stole that from Tom Petty — accidentally!

In a new interview, Nicks revealed that she unintentionally plagiarised Petty's song called 'Runaway Trains' from his 1987 album, 'Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)'.

Titled track, "Ooh My Love", Nicks tells Yahoo! Entertainment that she accidentally stole it from Petty. "I picked up the wrong cassette at Tom’s one night, a tape of Mike Campbell’s instrumental demos. Tom would get them first, and then the ones he didn’t want, Mike sent them to me. I accidentally arrived home one night with a cassette — I thought it was mine, but it was Tom’s. It just said, '24 Demos From Mike Campbell.' It had the song that inspired 'Ooh My Love,' which became 'Runaway Train[s]' for Tom."

Listen and compare the two songs below.