Duff McKagan's new solo song 'Tenderness' is a 'good representation' of upcoming album

News 01/03/2019

Guns 'n' Roses bassist Duff McKagan was asked in a recent Eddie Trunk interview "how indicative" his new song 'Tenderness' is to the rest of the upcoming solo album.

"I do think Tenderness is indicative of it because I think it hits all the different points that all the songs kind of hit. It's got, like, the big singalong chorus, rock guitars, it's got a lot of layers of, like, you know, simplicity. And I think the record, it's kind of like that overall, but I would say tempo-wise, everything's different. I think it's a good representation, for sure," he responded. 

Eddie then asked about this not being McKagan's first solo record, as he had one back in the mid to late 90s:

"Yeah, '94, I made that record kind of during the 'Illusions' tour and, man I don't remember making half the record," McKagan commented. 

"It sounds like this record was very much driven by the touring that you did and the things that you've seen, globally, all over the planet over the last two-three years with Guns N' Roses. It sounds like that was what really drove you as a writer. Would that be accurate?" asked Eddie Trunk, to which McKagan responded:

"You know me - I'm a reader, I've always been a reader. Being a columnist for Seattle Weekly, I became observationist, I would observe things a lot more than I ever did in my life. And then writing those two books - you really do a lot of self-observation, and you can't - if you lie in your own book, you're lying to your Word document, you're lying to yourself."

You can listen to McKagan's new single 'Tenderness' below. 

"I went to this whole kind of phase of trying to be honest with myself and because I read so much history, I've always gotten out on tour and talked to people. I'd go to places - Little Bighorn, or the beaches of Normandy, or museums - a lot of war museums - I'd go to DC and observe what's been going on for 30-some years, that place is a whole another story."

"But, I was starting with little pieces of the things I've observed and these became songs, and Shooter [Jennings, producer] - he really embraced a couple of tunes that I sent him, and his production and input and everything on this really gave me that, I don't know, courage to push through with the idea."