Lost Woodstock sets from Neil Young and Janis Joplin to surface in new documentary

News 04/03/2019

An upcoming documentary produced by Bill Gerber ('A Star is Born') will feature footage of Neil Young and Janis Joplin's Woodstock sets, which will be included in an upcoming reissue of the 'Woodstock' concert film.

"The film has new interviews and is also the Young Men With Unlimited Capital story of John Roberts and Joel Rosenman, these two young guys who started Woodstock as a capital raise to build a recording studio. There is also material no one has ever seen. Neil Young was not in the movie for a variety of reasons, until now. There is unseen footage of Janis Joplin and performance footage that hasn’t been seen," said Gerber.

Young had just turned Crosby, Stills & Nash into a foursome and only made his debut with them the night before in Chicago. He then joined them on stage at Woodstock six songs into their acoustic set and played a couple of songs with Stephen Stills and 'You Don't Have to Cry', with an electric set and a pair of encores following. But Neil didn't allow his performance to be used in the Woodstock movie.

"I didn’t like the f***ing cameras, they didn’t have to be on stage. They’re cameras, ‘Hello! Use your zoom, d****head!'" He said back in 2014 of the choice, and when asked whether or not he regretted the decision: "Who cares? It doesn’t matter, I was there, I saw it. Who gives a shit? I couldn’t care less."

Gerber wishes to reveal more little-known information about Woodstock with his film, saying: "There are some great stories, like how [New York governor] Nelson Rockefeller was going to send in the National Guard to shut the festival down. Roberts and Rosenman had family in finance and banking and they got on the phone with the governor and pleaded with him to call off sending in the National Guard on that first Saturday. Otherwise, the festival never would have happened."

The film is due out sometime later this year, in alignment with Woodstock’s 50th anniversary in August.