Lynyrd Skynyrd are working on a new album

music news 25/03/2019

Lynyrd Skynyrd frontman Johnny Van Zant has confirmed the band are so far through writing a new album that it is basically "in the can".

The band are currently on their 'Last of the Street Survivors' farewell tour in the US, and are also apparently planning a concert movie release according to Van Zant:

"We have an album in the can really, to be honest. We have a bunch of songs that we’re all the time writing … probably after this tour we’ll have that album, do a studio thing," he said.

Continuing that Skynyrd "actually recorded our last show here in Jacksonville. Did a DVD and actually the CD for it and that’ll come out sometime along the way too.”

In the meantime, the band was enjoying the experience of it's final tour "The crowds have been just great. It’s been fun and sad at the same time to know that some of these places are the last time we’ll play there. But hey, all good things come to an end, right? … We have a lot of places we still want to hit. We’ll probably make another run sometime through Europe and down to Brazil, Australia and New Zealand."

He also spoke about his own plans musically: "I’m always making new music – me and my brother Donnie, we’re creating all the time and we live right next door to each other here in Florida. I got a little place in the back and we go out there and we bang around and make music. One of my things on my bucket list is to do a gospel album. I lost my oldest daughter last year due to cancer and it kind of got me back to where I should have been at a long time ago with God."