Queen fan creates a 'Brickthru' Lego set

News 01/03/2019

A Queen fan that goes by the username, hickernator, has proposed a Queen Lego set on Lego Ideas.

Drawing inspiration from Queen's song, 'Breakthru', hickernator has made a locomotive set based on the Miracle Express train featured in the official music video.

As stated on the site, the set will feature a GWR 2884 Class 2-8-0 steam locomotive that will be compatible with Lego motors with a  'stage flatbed carriage' which the band had used to perform in the video.

Also included are mini-figures of each band member as well as Debbie Lang as the mysterious masked woman in the music video.

The description on the website writes, "With the Miracle Express, we can recapture the band in all their glory, with the added benefit of having another steam locomotive with unique decals added to the Lego City layout. Imagine the band chugging around your tracks with music blaring out as your minifigures watch from the sidelines. "