On this day in 1965, The Rolling Stones were electrocuted on stage

News 26/03/2019

In 1965, four out of five of the Rolling Stones members experienced the shock of their lives.

Riding high on their No.1 U.K. single "The Last Time", the band planned shows in Denmark and Sweden. Stones' bassist Bill Wyman was lucky to be alive after the shocking incident, or the Stones may not have continued their tour.

Wyman was knocked unconscious from a 220-volt electric shock during their first Scandinavian tour. It was said that the accident occurred during a rehearsal at Fyens Forum in Odense. There were two theories to what caused the shock - a faulty microphone or Jagger accidentally touching two live mics at the same time. 

Jagger received an electric shock that spun him around the stage and knocking into Brian Jones. "J-Ohms" who was shocked via Jagger then passed it onto Wyman who fell down, unconscious for a few minutes.

Jagger upset and scared
Jagger upset and scared (Photo by Ove T & Kim Mortensen

The show's promoter later explained that Wyman was saved by Jagger who accidentally pulled the main plug while still electrocuted. Thankfully, all three members recovered and went on to play an amplifying tour.

In December that same year, guitarist Keith Richards also received a jolt during a U.S. show when his guitar accidentally brushed against an ungrounded mic stand. It must have Hertz a lot.

But guess Watt? Charlie Watts would remain as the only Rolling Stones member who was not electrocuted onstage. Lucky bugger.

Bill Wyman unconscious during soundcheck in Odense
Bill Wyman unconscious during soundcheck in Odense

Rolling Stones performed in Cuba's capital, Havana, for the first time in their 50 year long career in 2016.