The Jimmy Page neighbour feud saga continues

News 13/03/2019

Jimmy Page can't seem to get along with any of his neighbours, can he? 

First, there was the five-year-long feud with his famous singer neighbour Robbie Williams, who wanted to build an indoor swimming pool but Page objected to the proposal because it may cause damage to his historic Tower House. However, Page had lost the five-year-battle with conditions that Williams has to keep the construction noise and vibrations to a minimum.

Now, it seems that Page has complaints about his other neighbour, former Prudential chairman Sir Harvey McGrath, who has proposed to move a wall of his house to install four air-conditioning units in his home.

Page's reason for objecting to McGrath's plans was that the construction noise could affect his ability to work in the studio he had built on the lands of his 1875 mansion where he had lived in since 1972.

"I urge the council to refuse the application as having the potential for harmful impact on living conditions in the Tower House," Page wrote, according to the Daily Mail. "I use the area to listen to and scrutinise recordings, requiring my full concentration with no distracting noise and/or vibration from other sources, for meetings away from the main house and for recorded interviews where naturally there cannot be any constant background noise."

The Daily Mail had also noted that Page had previously objected to McGrath's renovations including an elevator installation.