Jimmy Page doubts Led Zeppelin will ever reunite for a gig

News 24/04/2019

Jimmy Page recently sat down with The Morning Call to reflect on Led Zeppelin's legacy. 

I don't think there's going to be another one

When asked upon Led Zeppelin's final London concert in 2007 and the frustrations of endless reunion questions, Page kept it short by saying, "I'm rather pleased that we did it, because we sort of looked still similar to what we looked now, and, yeah, we did a really good job. But I don't think there's going to be another one."

During the interview, the former Led Zeppelin guitarist was asked to single out his earliest memories with the guitar. Page said, "I was taking my guitar to school so that I could play at recess because I became so involved with it, we became inseparable." He continues, "I had to do my academic studies, that was the deal I had with my dad. And the rest of the time I could play guitar. So, I took that one step further: I would take that to school and play at recess."

Page also said that his guitar work was revolutionary because he knew exactly how he "was going to layer everything and the textures to them". He adds, "There's a variety of moods on 'Led Zeppelin I.' So, again, it was me challenging and pushing as far as I possibly could, not even thinking of my limitations, just going beyond, beyond, beyond."

Page added that Led Zeppelin's catalogue "approaches so many different styles and moods and it's very passionate." He also describes it as very gentle but hard at the same time. 

"Extremely dynamic", he calls it. "If anybody wants to be playing the guitar, the harmonica, the drums, the bass, the keyboards - well, it's all there. And it's organic music where everyone is playing together. I think it's a great legacy to have produced, to be honest."