WATCH: New 'Rocketman' trailer reveals Elton John's childhood years

trailer 05/04/2019

A new 'Rocketman' trailer has been released via the film's Twitter page.

This time, the previously unseen footage includes John as a child being reprimanded by his father for air-playing the piano on the dining table. Taron Egerton who portrays Elton John in the film then performs 'Daniel' for a record-label executive only to be rejected over the song being too "depressing".

The trailer also features a speech delivered by Bernie Taupin (portrayed by Jamie Bell), saying "The pain, the joy, the sorrow," he says. "You turn it into songs that people love. That's your gift."

Watch the trailer below.

The new trailer was released in conjunction of the special preview at CinemaCon in Las Vegas where a select number of press and guests were treated to more clips from the movie along with a Q&A session with Egerton and director Dexter Fletcher, who also directed 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Fletcher described 'Rocketman' as "a truthful and honest portrayal" of John's life. “Elton’s known for his spectacle and theatricality so bringing the music to the big screen was a challenge but also exciting,” he says. "Authenticity was extremely important to us and [John]."

Egerton, on the other hand, says the film is a "raw celebration of a great man". He hopes viewers will see “a glimpse of the unseen, behind-closed-doors life of a man who had a notoriously turbulent time, but we also felt it was very important to make fans happy.”