Sammy Hagar releases new song, 'Can't Hang'


Ex-Van Halen and Monstrose vocalist, Sammy Hagar has released a new song from his upcoming album with the Circle, 'Space Between'.

The singer explained that the new track was inspired heavily by Led Zeppelin's John Bonham, particularly his drumming in their song, 'When the Levee Breaks'. Listen to the new track below and see if you can hear the heavy Led Zep influence.

Hagar first debuted 'Can't Hang' on 'The Howard Stern Show' before he and the Circle were in a live chat on YouTube that was directed by ZZ Satriani, son of Joe Satriani. 

In the video, Hagar says, "If you can't hang like that, then don't get involved. Just live your little simple life and don't try to play with the big boys because man, they will chew you out and spit you out."

Back in February, Hagar described the song as "so badass it would put you in the hospital". He explained that the song was written while jamming to Bonzo's isolated drum track from 'When the Levee Breaks' which was given to him by his Circle bandmate's drummer who happens to be Bonzo's son, Jason.

Originally, Hagar wanted to use the original track that Bonham had recorded but Jason insisted on recreating his father's part.

'Space Between' arrives in store this 10th May when Hagar and the Circle will be midway through their tour. 

Listen to the first single from the same album, 'Trust Fund Baby' below.