Sammy Hagar respects Robert Plant's refusal for a Led Zeppelin reunion

News 12/04/2019

In a new interview, Sammy Hagar said that he respects Robert Plant for his "first class" decision for refusing to take part in a Led Zeppelin tour following their one-off show in 2007 that featured John Bonham's son, Jason.

The ex-Van Halen singer argues that Jason is as good as his father. Both Hagar and Jason are in the Circle band together.

After Led Zeppelin had split after Bonzo's dedath in 1980, the band mutually agreed that they were unable to continue without him. Last year, Jason revealed that he had asked Plant about tour rumours after the 2007 show but the singer firmly says that it was never going to happen.

Bonham told Howard Stern on SirusXM that, "What you know of your father is amazing. But what we said all those years ago, we would be idiotic to continue on and not stand with what we said. We’ve done this, we did the show, we don’t have to do it again. Let’s just leave it at that."

"That's a first-class way of saying it. 'I'm not coming back.'" Hagar continues, "How many fighters, heavyweight champs, came back one too many times, all that stuff? We’re seeing so many people dying like flies in our business. … I’m looking around me, thinking there’s gotta be a time I’m not gonna do this anymore. I respect Robert so much for doing that. As much as I want to see Led Zeppelin more than you.”

When talking about Bonzo, Hagar said, "I’m probably going to get some hate mail … but I think Jason is as good as his dad, and his dad would want to hear that. John died way too young and Jason’s had so much more experience, and he plays just like his dad. Just think about that."

Watch Sammy Hagar & the Circle perform "Finish What Ya Started" on the Howard Stern show below.