WATCH: Geddy Lee sits in with the Claypool Lennon Delirium

live 12/04/2019

Geddy Lee sat in with the Claypool Lennon Delirium this week at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto. 

The band, a collaboration between Primus bassist Les Claypool and John Lennon's son, Sean, were joined by Geddy Lee for a main set-closing cover of the Beatles' 'Tomorrow Never Knows'.

You can watch the video above, in which the former Rush bassist starts off in the background, moving to the centre of the stage by the time Lennon finishes singing his father's lyrics. After Lennon's guitar solo, Lee takes a lengthy solo of his own, and the Claypool adds his own touches.

The show also included four other covers, with three from the group's 2017 covers EP 'Lime and Limpid Green' - by Pink Floyd, the Who and King Crimson. The other cover was an encore performance of Primus' 'Southbound Pachyderm'.

The set also featured songs from the band's recently released 'South of Reality', as well as a handful of cuts from 2016's debut album 'Monolith of Phobos'.

Lennon previously commented that in the South of Reality shows he's become much more comfortable working with Claypool:

"I guess I’m not nervous in quite the same way as I was in the beginning, but I still make sure to do as much preparation as possible. Ideas always come quick for us, and I think that’s why we like working together. But playing with Les is like knowing you’re gonna be playing tennis with Rafael Nadal – it makes you wanna brush up on a few things before you get on the court."