WATCH: Join Jimmy Page on a mystical journey to explore his 1959 telecaster

guitar 16/04/2019

Fender has released an animated video to tell the story of Jimmy Page's iconic 1959 Telecaster to announce the release of the recreated Telecasters.

Late last year, Page and Fender have joined forces to recreate 'Mirror' and 'Dragon' versions of the Telecaster, both are currently available to purchase.

You can watch the video below where Page narrates the origins of the instrument and how he had transformed it into a "custom-made, psychedelic guitar".

Produced by Nexus Studios, the clip starts with the distinctive guitar sounds on 'Dazed and Confused' and the former Led Zeppelin guitarist narrate, "I've recommended Jeff Beck for the job in The Yardbirds, and I hear this sort of car roar up and I saw that it was a blue Corvette Stingray outside. And Jeff's coming out and holding this guitar and he said, 'Here, this is yours.' and he gave me the Telecaster that he'd been using. Well, obviously, I was really moved."

"And then Jeff eventually left the band and I continued to play the Telecaster guitar," he said. "But by then I was doing all manner of things with it. I was playing it with a bow and really putting it through its paces."

I got to the point where I wanted to consecrate this guitar and really make it my own. I tried applying mirrors to it so you could use it in an optical way with the lights and shine the mirrors on people while you were playing."

I had a vision of what I really wanted to do with the guitar.

"The whole idea of it was to bring a new, an extra life into it, an extra identity to it."
He went on to paint his guitar with the famous dragon artwork and fitted a perspex pickguard to get all the lights and rainbow colours to "explode" into what he calls "a real custom-made psychedelic guitar".

"But it's this guitar, that has sort of been painted and consecrated that is the Excalibur that goes through from Jeff Beck, from me in The Yardbirds, relatively unscathed and it's the guitar that does Led Zeppelin I."

The Mirror Telecaster features custom guitar neck and pickups that were designed to mirror the original 1959 guitar that Jimmy Page owned. Eight round mirrors are fitted on the guitar as a tribute to the custom treatment Page had applied on his guitar in early 1967. Buyers are able to install the mirrors anywhere they wanted on the guitar.

  • Jimmy Page Dragon® Telecaster® - NZD $36,955 (LINK)
  • Jimmy Page Mirrored Telecaster® - NZD $36,955 (LINK)
  • Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster® - NZD $3,695.49 (LINK)
  • Jimmy Page Telecaster® - NZD $2,069.47 (Available Autumn 2019)
Left: Dragon Telecaster® | Right: Mirrored Telecaster®
Left: Telecaster® | Right: Mirror Telecaster®