WATCH: 'Blinded by the Light' trailer, a film inspired by the Boss

film 04/05/2019

A brand new trailer has been released for an upcoming movie, 'Blinded by the Light', inspired by Bruce Springsteen's music. The film will be in cinemas in mid August.

The film follows a young Pakistani immigrant living in England, named Javed. Set in the year 1987, Javed struggles with his identity, family responsibilities and his dreams of becoming a writer. The course of his life changed forever once a school friend introduced him to the Boss' music.

Watch the full trailer below. Warning, the trailer does reveal some key plot points.

Based on Safraz Manzoor's memoir, 'Greetings From Bury Park', the journalist penned the screenplay alongside director Gurinder Chadha, who is best known for her 2002 film, 'Bend it Like Beckham'.

"In the music of Bruce Springsteen, I found both hope and wisdom on how I could transcend my circumstances and make my dreams to be a writer come true," Manzoor explained his story. "The fact that I was so affected by Springsteen’s songs shows just how powerfully music can transcend race, religion, nationality and class."

Chadha recalled her first encounter with Springsteen was very short. "I quickly pitched [Springsteen] the film we wanted to make from the book on the red carpet, and to our excitement, Bruce nodded and said, 'Sounds good, talk to Jon,'" she said. "We then spent several years developing a script we knew had to impress Springsteen and managers Jon Landau and Barbara Carr or there would be no film without his music and blessings.”

So far, the film has garnered positive reviews when it was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, earlier in January. Springsteen was not present but was reportedly very impressed with the finished movie, telling Chadha, "Thank you for looking after me so beautifully. Don’t change a thing; it’s perfect."