Brian May reacts to Adam Lambert's new solo single 'New Eyes'

New 20/05/2019

The release of new single 'New Eyes' marks another step forward for Adam Lambert's return to solo work, the first release from upcoming studio album 'Velvet'.

It's been four years since Lambert last released a solo LP, during which time he has filled many hours working with Brian May and Roger Taylor fronting the modern Queen incarnation. 

The lyrics for 'New Eyes' cover dark subject matter, with Lambert singing about being "empty inside" and "getting jaded". This seemingly reflects the personal struggles Lambert alluded to in an open letter to his fans in February this year, in which he discussed a personal "dark period" that had caused his "mental health [to] suffer". He credited the Queen bandmembers for helping him pull out of a downward spiral.

"Luckily, I have also been touring with Queen, which recharges me with tons of positive energy," he said. "The fans we perform for are so full of love, and Brian May and Roger Taylor are a joy to play music with and always remind me of my value. Together we have collaborated creatively on our tours and this helped me to reaffirm my confidence in my artistry. Working with Queen helped keep my head above water, and I am so grateful to the spirit of Freddie Mercury, who has always inspired me to push ahead boldly," Lambert said. 

Brian May took to Twitter after the release of 'New Eyes', offering praise for the song:

You can watch the music video for the song above.