David Gilmour and Robert Plant announce new podcasts

Podcast 29/05/2019

David Gilmour and Robert Plant have both announced new podcasts, marking their return to the airwaves.

Titled 'Digging Deep', Plant's show will debut next week on 3rd June via major streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and Acast. Gilmour, on the other hand, will be hosting three podcasts in conjunction with the massive charity auction of his guitar collection.

Plant plans to focus on sweeping his musical journey, "Making records is a very personal experience," Plant said in a clip from the podcast. "I was so desperate to get away from that environment, and I was saying, 'Let's get out of here.' But then, now and again down the line, opening up some of the songs and looking back at 'em, I marvel at some of it. The players in the room were, like, outta sight."

Promising a diverse playlist, Plant says his song selection mixes "constant shifts of sand and intention."

Gilmour's podcast, 'Three Different Ones', will feature many untold stories of the guitars he used on a number of Pink Floyd albums.

You can listen to the trailer of his new podcast below.