Photo by Chris Walter

WATCH: Elton John's previously unreleased 1975 Dodger Stadium performance

live 28/05/2019

Elton John has recently shared a previously unreleased video from his legendary Dodger Stadium shows in 1975.

Dressed in the iconic LA Dodgers uniform in bling, John performs 'The Bitch is Back' in the video with over 110,000 people as his audience - one of the largest concerts by a single artist at the time.

About forty seconds into the video, you can also spot John tossing a footstool chair. Watch the video below.

Released as a promotion to his new biopic film, 'Rocketman' starring Taron Egerton as Elton John, the video was filmed by photographer, Terry O'Neill, who also contributed to the authentic look in the biopic film.

"You have to remember," O'Neill says, "in October 1975, no one was bigger than Elton John. He was like Elvis at the height of his career. It is impossible to try to explain to people today what it was like… Elton still is one of the most talented people I've ever met and he gave his all at those concerts."