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Elton John's ex-fiancee is disappointed to be left out of 'Rocketman'

film 27/05/2019

Elton John's ex-fiancee who is believed to be the muse for the classic song, 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' has publicly expressed her disappointment in the new biopic.

Linda Hannon (then called Woodrow) was engaged to John after a two-year-long relationship. However, it ended abruptly in 1970 when he told her it was over, after a late night out. Fast forward to a couple of months later, John nailed his first hit song with 'Your Song'.

The song, 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight' was recorded five years later.

In a recent interview with 'Good Morning Britain', Hannon says that she's happy for John. "I never actually believed he would become such a superstar as he is. ... I would like to [hear from him]… I don't know what I would say to him but I'd like to see him. ... There's no resentment and there's certainly no bitterness. It would be a joyous meeting if we did meet, I'm sure."

"I was going to get married once when I was younger, and I went out and got drunk … and [Long John Baldry] said I shouldn't get married," John once explained in 1991. "I knew he was right but I didn't know how to get out of it so, I just got drunk and went home and said, 'I'm not getting married'."

Hannon remembered being in love with John and thinks it was reciprocal.  "The relationship was going smooth. Everything was going very quickly… We went and we found a flat in Mill Hill [in London]. We bought furniture for it. I went off to the antique store and bought myself an engagement ring because neither he or Bernie [Taupin] had any money, so I was kind of having to support them. His mother had ordered the wedding cake, and it's true what the song says – he did come back at four o'clock in the morning and tell me that it was over. ... And that was the last time I've actually ever seen Reg."

Hannon admitted that she was "devastated" at the time, but have moved on a long time ago.  "[I]t was a long time ago and he’s such a superstar now," she said. "I was way, way back in his past. I hope he hasn't forgotten about me… I was disappointed I'm not in the movie."