Here's why Elton John sings 'Crocodile Rock' two years early in 'Rocketman' biopic

film 15/05/2019

The director of the upcoming 'Rocketman' biopic, Dexter Fletcher says he's not concerned over the scene where Elton John performs 'Crocodile Rock' two years before he supposedly wrote the song in real life.

The scene shows John (portrayed by Taron Egerton) singing the 1972 track during his American debut appearance in Los Angeles in 1970, floating above his piano in the iconic Troubadour venue. It is one of several fantasy scenes in the musical biopic.

Fletcher tells Rolling Stone that he was aware of the slight historical error, defending his decision saying, "But what I care about is capturing the moment cinematically and musically."

He describes that the story of 'Rocketman' as recollections of John's career while he was in rehab during the early '90s. "He’s our narrator, and he’s telling the story as he recalls it," Fletcher explained.

"He’s dealing with his demons and trying to see the light again through the darkness. That lends itself to imagination and these kind of emotional beats and gestures. And what I find interesting about that is that I can tell you a story of an event that I remember, but it’s going to be coloured by my own perception of what was going on at that time."

It’s not a Wikipedia entry

Fletcher also confirmed that only the actor, Egerton is heard singing in the movie.  "We don’t use any original recordings of Elton," he says. "If I'm putting together a sequence and I dig something out of Elton's catalogue, like [the 1970's] 'Amoreena' for instance, Taron has to go back in the studio and record it. … I was absolutely adamant that we only use Taron."

Egerton also notes that musicals are all about "expressing yourself through song". He continued, "If you don’t sing them yourself then you aren't really expressing anything. ... The film asks you to take an imaginative leap, as you would if you went to the theatre. It’s not a Wikipedia entry."

'Rocketman' will hit New Zealand screens this 30th May with advanced screenings on 25th May.